Learn How to Turn Old Hardbound Books into Zippered Clutches craft.ideas2live4… Use it to store makeup for girls or everyday travel necessities for men. Or use it as a notebook and pencil holder for kids! These also make a great gift kits, where you can put simple gift items… Do you have some old hardbound books to upcycle? If not, then you better be heading to the thrift store to grab some good-looking books now!

Hair stenciling turns your hair into a canvas for the rainbow design of your dreams. We partnered with Janine Ker of @janine_ker_hair to create a floral, Summer-inspired design. Using stencils you can find at the craft store as well as stencils she handmade using an X-Acto knife and paper, any pattern is possible! The palette of colors includes gold and a pearlescent coral by Joico InstaTint Temporary Color Shimmer Spray ($10) to give it a bright, vibrant look.